by Post War Germany

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Played by: Antonio Marquez (guitar, vocals) Gilead McGahee (drums) Ben Martinez (keys, trumpet) Weston Archuleta (bass)

With: Sebastian Espeset (slide-ebow guitar, tracks 4,6,8,10) Jazmyne Crosby and Cecilia McKinnon (backing vocals, tracks 5,6,8)

"The Bell" lyric video! - www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfoE5Bp_uwU
And the complete videos of our Gold House Session: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVQzolzPP7TaINuwOR3cMc0I0mQfUYHdZ


released August 1, 2016

Recorded by Ryan J. Youngblood at YBP Facility, Albuquerque, NM. Mixed by R. Youngblood and Tre Lucero. Mastered by Billy Stull at Masterpiece Mastering, S. Padre Island, TX.
All songs by Post War Germany © 2015 all rights reserved.
Cover photo by Megan Reed Werenko

“walk away from Ogallala with perfect poise”



all rights reserved


Post War Germany Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Track Name: The Bell
How about a weekend job? Let’s have the internet pay the bills! How about a hole in these walls?- no I’d rather not let that spill. All the way to Ogallala! All the way to Solomon Island waters! They’ve all been hearing something-
They’ve all been humming something -
And when lights go down I hear a song that I’ve never heard. Only one old tone, I cant sing along, there’s no words. Only one old man would listen to my fears. Only one dying man would lend me his ear. And he said:
“Kid are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me, I’ve heard that bell for years!”
How about a contract? A dotted line across a child’s throat. I’ve been having horrible dreams! I’ve been seeing horrible versions of me! Erotic elevator! What floor you gonna let me on? Apocalyptic instigator! Are you trying to turn me off?
“Can you hear it? Can you hear getting louder? I can hear it, and it’s getting clearer, I can hear it and it’s getting nearer, I can hear it and it’s almost here!”
Track Name: Lives At The Coast
Like a horse running With its rider in flames. I’m gonna teach you up the morning. I’m gonna trick you down the rain. Like a visit to The Land of the Dead I’m gonna feel you for an instant. Then never again.
Death-Bringing-Lady got a teething thing between her knees Believe me I know But I’m gonna kill her father with a whale bone, I’m gonna grind those teeth out with a stone You watch me
And that skull in your kitchen proves that I exist
But when you call from the opposite side of the street Where you shout ‘wait for me’
It will be too far to carry it And in the end it will be too deep
To unbury it
And like an underwater welder coming up too fast Who’s gonna mend me back together? When all my blood expands? And like trying to keep up With an all night dance When the morning light reveals them You were competing with swaying grass

“Fear of water on the ship where you rise up
And cement might carry you
But we will adorn you in bailing twine
We hid behind the bails
Where are the magpies with their tails?
All shining like they’re covered in oil, but never gold
And the bringing of the roses
Will bring all of the clothes down from the line
Every time”
Track Name: Bronc Rider
I could’ve been a bronc rider Spinning in the dust One hand pointed up at the sky Trying to get a hot taste of the sun And if I was there when those bastards won I would’ve put the iron to my eyes Would’ve put the cactus to my tongue And for eight eternities I am holding on for one to call The voices and the horseshit aint so far to fall at all And I should die a gunfighter With my boots off My face high above the family crowds in the gallows A smile swims across And if they don’t break my neck with the drop I’ll feel what could’ve been a shyer life Kicking til it’s all gone My family’s blood is full of dirt From dried volcanic stone And all those animals we watched die Are just the scars of our home And if you were there with me To see those buffalo I wouldn’t have stayed awake all night Just to let that morning go And if this land was God’s Then what the hell did he make the roads to call? The barbwire and the negligence aint so far to fall at all I couldve been a bronc rider Watching from the crowd Just a kid staying quite While the rest keep getting so loud
And for eight eternities They are seconds for me to call The drunkenness in the bleachers aint so high to climb at all It aint so high to climb at all and it aint so far to fall
Track Name: Pagan March
I know I’m a pretty young thing Flowers for my hair, gold for my rings They’ll stand me up in the boat With the dead old king, I’ll be a one woman-Choir
I will sing Odin’s praise, Though they think I have never been laid I know my hair will burn first Like lips and eyelashes in the fire
But I had me a love before, We’d lay our riddles at days door I’ll carve a rune of your name, Just say you will be back to claim your- Kisses were not enough to hold you Above the ruin of other soldiers Now that you are under earth To glow out with the flame’s my only wish
Color me in every corner Think of else if kisses bore you Wrap me up in arms so tight I’ll never have to scream myself To sleep Without the extra toothache Bite my tongue with every lip break See me high above the ground I am new here could you show me Around?
If you show me around you
I will show you around me
if you show me around you
I will show you around me

Bathing in the moonlight: drunk kids run these woods tonight!
Bathing in firelight: drunk kids run these woods tonight!
Track Name: Salt Out Of Water
Gonna make some mountains out of the ocean! Gonna build some peaks out of the sea!
Gonna take that salt out of the water, gonna use it all for canon fodder, better hide your wives better hide your daughters ,gonna raise myself above the slaughter!
Gonna make some mountains. Gonna build a sea.

Gonna take the last ice from beneath the white bear! Gonna turn him reptile, gonna steal his hair!
Gonna take that star out of the sun, take every hand from every gun, better hide fathers better hide your sons, gonna put some fear into your fun!
Gonna make some mountains. Gonna build a sea.

But O! Don’t you wanna be scared? The arrow to never leave the quiver!
But O! Don’t you wanna be dared? The bear who never hibernates in winter!

I do not understand why that girl in my heart aint ever in my hand.

And now Im all dried out and cant even open my mouth. I strain to read minds cuz I don’t believe mine at all.
Track Name: Paris, TX
Wake up needing headlights
Paris feels like a lie to me now
And I know when you go to sleep tonight It will be a little deeper cuz It gets deeper every time
Passing by hospitals,
Ghosts of Christmas past
And every drop of wine
See the shadow of hawk passing
Feel only a single drop of blood fall from the sky

It’s incalculable
Loss’ shape and size
A feast so damnable
there’s a reason we can close our eyes

So just go home
get some good sleep too
Just shut your mouth
before they murder you

It’s a ride that’s got you tired,
even though you love it,
all you can think is:
“man, when the hell can I get off of it?”
The way the light creeps ‘cross your floor
Beneath the doors you lock
The shit you talk,
you’d think that you were a prophet

....Just shut your mouth
before they murder you
Or before you do
and leave a city of detectives without a clue
Sitting in a room whose roof’s all in ruins
To see the horror of a craterless moon.
Track Name: Dance Song
99 I was child sailing ships behind the bunkhouse, in an irrigation ditch,
They almost all died, the pebbles of the crew, but I guess you need some drama in your life, even if you make it up don’t you? Winter came with cows to feed, but spring always threatened me with la Llorona dragging me into her raging river memories
“leave me all alone!”
Now someone say:

“Wait- you’re forgetting the best part of that story! Remember how you were so sorry as you drove away But you were never sorry enough, You were never sorry enough to stay”

Come on lighten up Come on say something Do I push too much? Come on say anything

2009 I was beside the howler monkeys on the ship, the dragons mouth spits us out as fire into the tides And I slid into the Dominican rivers, and collected pebbles, one for me, one for each of my sisters, And how could I not think of Sky as I looked up at the sky and how could I not let it all tear out into night, And the docks dragged into cocaine, but the white tower saved me with you and your name, until you went away again
Now someone say:
“Wait, you’re forgetting the best part of that story! Remember how you were so sorry as you drove away, but you knew you could never stay It was always too late to stay behind, Always too late to stay”
Track Name: Chlorine
Let me set the scene: there are some shopping bags, and they’re swinging from
Your next door neighbor’s hands.
She was a swimmer once, but now the pools are empty
Her grocery bag’s full with nothing to do with chlorine

Don’t forget to bring that old Vogue magazine
Her eyes in the article don’t look like anything
But Evelyn you should read what she said, about the way it feels when she’s going to bed
“It’s like every single sinking ship, that a captain didn’t sink with is waiting for me, to slip into a sleep so deep that I’ll be made to lead the charge of the sunk ship fleet beneath the sea”

Cant say I blame anyone for
Having a tea party on the water floor
Without inviting anyone else
Without inviting good to stay with health

Evelyn did you read my reply?
The end of the article is hard to describe
I think I left some of the details out
She stopped addressing what the interview was about
Apparently she close her eyes and smiled and said:
“The 13 hundredth month of my life will arrive, and every breath I’ve ever held under a swimming pool will fill the tires of every car I could have climbed into and driven off of every cliff cuz that’s what cars can and do; the airbags full of the water that should have turned me blue.”

back float back float back float back
Track Name: Masoyama
Brother fought some dogs: Masoyama, Touch a tree to death, you can climb a tree to death: Masoyama, Conversation piece: Masoyama, I like your stepmoms house, do you think I have a chance: Masoyama? Shake your telephone, boy: Masoyama, Like a brand new house sucked right back into a sink hole! Where the riff-raff honky tonk: Chitinola. With the pizza cutter wheels: Española
Track Name: Watch The Ground Away
Then I’m watching the meteor’s raining
I stick out my tongue; I cup my hands for a taste
And I watch the ground away

Cinderblocks rising off a flatbed truck,
teenagers float to the ceiling as they start to fuck
And I watch the ground away

Prairie dogs plotting beneath my feet
I guess they had more foresight
Than you or me
And I watch the ground away

Mariachis singing a song about moonrise
Or do I finally hear what the coyotes cry?
As I watch the ground away

*And I’ll call you back my way,
but I’ll use everyone’s name
to describe your taste
and I’ll use everyone’s face
to describe your face
(its all the same from far away)
and I watch the ground away

Avian’s cross-breeding with fish
Sharks are circling around my satellite dish
And I watch the ground away

Then the Border’s no longer the labyrinths first wall (Let it end well)
And Sonora forgive me, this time I will not fall (Let it end well)
And I watch the ground away

Drinking up the last of the dying sun (Let it end well)
Evelyn offers me the rest, says she’s had enough (Let it end well)
And we watch the ground away (Let it end with some semblance of grace)


Come on, I know I was just sitting in your bedroom
you're always bugging me, say you hear bell ringing
but you can never find the belfry
and you’re always bugging me, say you hear a bell ringing, but it’s never for our wedding.
O! you’re always in my dreams, you cant even give me peace of mind when my mind does not belong to me!
O! You’re always on my mind, begging me to waste my time trying to figure out how I could’ve done things right!
O. And you’re always bugging me, kissing me in dreams, even when I’m not asleep.
And you’re always bugging me, kissing me in dreams, even when I’m not asleep.
Track Name: Killer In His Prime
You were going out you stop in your doorway and you freeze
Like a mammoth found frozen with food half-digested in its stomach
you bring something to read, as if the words could stop the meteors in their wheeling and their forgivable plummet
oh how nefarious the noise from the corners
let's call it all off and head to the border
we might just settle down there
if we can settle between anywhere

And you enter the room
Like it’s the Trinity Site
Just waiting for
The first bomb to ignite
And you’re making a drink
And you’re dressed to the nines
And you stare straight ahead
Like a killer in his prime

The pause is far too long between the eye gaze and the hand raise
Trying to explain that the distance between anything and the ocean is equilateral
And you’ll always feel ashamed
Cuz the beast of compromise is almost always too tall to saddle, much less ride and ride and ride
And it’s just another desert when you get to the other side

And you enter the room
Like you’re condoning a riot
And you feel like
You’re cheating on morning with the night
And you look in her eyes
Like yours are so full of lime
And you’re feeling alive
Like a murder victim in your prime

*And everyone’s just dragging around and everyone’s just dragging around
everyone else’s sheets
and everyone’s just dragging around and everyone’s just dragging around
everyone else’s sheets
wont you love the stains completely

The dogs beneath the windows are still scratching at the coyotes
Keeping all their barks just under decent noise
And they say walk your own damn punch-line, walk your own damn punch-line
Walk away from Oglala with perfect poise

And you’re laying in bed
Like it’s a funeral pyre
And you ask for the time
As if time could expire
All white in the face
Saying “feed me a line”
But you’ll forget it all by morning
Like an alien abductee in his prime

So kid don’t be a killer in your prime
Kid don’t be a killer in your prime
Kid don’t be a killer in your prime